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Recreational Biking Cycle and Youth Biking Cycling
If you love to ride but don’t want to race, or are looking for clubs with youth programs.
Mountain Biking, Saskatchewan
I want to get off the pavement and explore clubs that ride and race on bike trails
BMX, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Join the new wave of BMX
Road Racing Cycling Biking Saskatchewan
Race hard and ride fast with these road racing clubs.
Cyclo Cross, CycloCross, Saskatchewan
Let nothing stand in your way while competing in Cyclocross

Welcome On this website, you will find information relating to cycling in the province of Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Cycling Association (SCA) is actively involved in road and mountain bike racing, BMX, randonneur cycling, /recreation, transportation, off-road touring, trail access and safe cycling education programs. The SCA is a volunteer non-profit association that promotes bicycling for sport, recreation, and transportation. Funded through Saskatchewan Lotteries, the SCA provides opportunities for individuals to experience all forms of cycling through its member clubs.

Join a cycling club and become a part of the SCA. We have a host of programs we can offer including: individual/family activities, fun, fitness, competitive programs, recreational programs, advocacy, education and safe cycling.

Coming Events
26-27 Coaching Course, Saskatoon, Community Initiation
3-4 Spring Classic Sask Cup Road 1 – Moose Jaw area
11 Sask Cup Mtb 1- North Battleford
17-19 Sask Cup Road #2, Bikes on Broadway
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    What's New

  • April 17 - Sask Cycling is having a Cycling Canada Outreach Mtb Camp in Saskatoon on June 10th and 11th and need coaches to attend the camp. Ian Hughes the Cycling Canada Mtb Development Officer has asked for us to include 5-10 coaches. The coaches will have some involvement with the camp, but also a chance to learn how a camp is put on and the roles that they can play in imparting skills. This would be a good opportunity for coaches who have just taken their first coaching course and have yet had a chance to put their newly acquired skills to work. Coaches who are only able to attend one day are welcome. Contact Frank Matus at if you are interested in attending.
  • April 8 - the April 2014 newsletter is available at:

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The Saskatchewan Cycling Association

Our Vision Statement … "The Saskatchewan Cycling Association is the leader in recreational and competitive cycling, cycling safety, and cycling as a lifelong activity for all Saskatchewan people."

Our Mission Statement … "The Saskatchewan Cycling Association exists to promote and enhance the Saskatchewan cycling experience while recognizing its benefits to the individual and society."

Cycling Events
The SCA promotes and organizes almost every type of cycling event you can think of. If you are a recreational cyclist or someone who takes the sport a little more seriously there is something to fit your tastes in the province.

Several well established bicycle recreation clubs exist in Saskatchewan. These clubs are dedicated to the promotion of the sport of recreational cycling and bicycle touring. They have regularly planned city, country and off-road rides.

The SCA continues to promote safe cycling through the Canadian Cycling Association's Can-Bike Program and by the delivery of safe cycling presentations at Saskatchewan schools.

Road/Mountain Bike
Saskatchewan has one of the newest complete racing programs in the country. The SCA categorizes competitive racers by ability and age for road racing, and ability level for mountain bike racing. Races are offered at club, in-province and out of province levels. All levels of racing ability are welcome at the club rides and for provincial races skills include from the beginner to the expert.

Randonneuring or marathon cycling is a form of recreational touring and competitive cycling. Cyclists travel distances of 200 to 1000 kilometers against the clock. On the world circuit, the yearly Brevet series is a warm up to the pinnacle event - Paris-Brest-Paris - a 1,200 km event in France that attracts over 4000 cyclists every 4 years

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