Where is GASP 2015 going?

GASP is going to start in Macklin, on the west border of Saskatchewan.  From there we will be working our way out east from border to border, with stops in Wilkie, Biggar, Saskatoon, Wakaw, Tisdale and the scenic Hudson Bay. You will enjoy riding roads through beautiful parklands and pine tree areas. 624 km of Saskatchewan highways, will be a challenge, but remember this Tour is fully supported with SAG wagons!

The GASP provides an introduction to cycle touring in a supportive manner. Luggage is carried for cyclists, SAG Wagons make periodic stops and provide refreshments including juice, water, fruit and light snacks. The objective of GASP is to provide a cycle touring experience that will foster cycle touring in the Province and the development of tours by other cycling bodies and clubs in Saskatchewan.

For 2015 in order to accommodate a greater number of cyclists two sections will be in place. The first section (E section July 18-25) will be geared towards the more experienced touring cyclist and provide a more basic level of support. SAG stops will be less frequent otherwise the same support will be provided. The second section (B section July 19-26) will be geared towards the less experienced touring cyclist and provide a SAG wagon stop approximately 20-30kms.  It will

All Applications and $100 deposits received will be on a first come first serve basis until tour is full.  SCA reserves the right to make the final selection on which tour you will be on

Terms and Conditions • The route is subject to finalization closer to the event. The route may be slightly modified by tour leaders as required to maintain a safe and enjoyable event for all participants.  If you are not on the tour you will be placed on the waiting list.   All parties on the waiting list will receive their deposit back. • A deposit of $100 is required by May 1 for each participant. Payment in full, based on the options selected by participants is due by June 1. The deposit is fully refundable until May 1st, following May 1st the deposit is non-refundable. • All tour fees are quoted in Canadian dollars. • Cheques must be made payable to the SCA. • The tour is non-profit and does not involve any fundraising. • Cyclists of all ages and skill levels are welcome to participate, but a parent must supervise participants under the age of 18, during the tour. • Participants must be SCA members at the time of the tour and must complete the SCA waiver form for insurance purposes. The cost of the SCA membership fee is not included in the costs of the tour. The SCA membership form and information are available on the SCA website www.saskcycling.ca. • Luggage will be limited to one to two bags per participant with the total weight not exceeding 18kg (40 pounds, including the participants camping gear if applicable). • Each participant is entitled to bring one self-propelled bicycle of their choosing. • All information, personal or otherwise, collected through registration forms for the event will be used by the SCA only for stated purposes, i.e. to confirm participation, secure payment, and communicate with participants about the event. • All participants while on their bicycles must wear ANSI or CSA approved cycling helmets during the tour. • The SCA may cancel the tour because of insufficient registrations or unforeseen circumstances. In the event of cancellation due to other causes than insufficient numbers, (eg weather or emergencies), participants will be advised as soon as possible. In no circumstances is the SCA responsible for additional costs such as travel, time off work, vacation costs, etc.

If you are interested in car-pooling please let the SCA office know and an email will go out for you to arrange amongst participants.  If you need a ride from the start/end point it is $50 each way.  Vans will be leaving from Regina and Saskatoon

In Saskatoon we will be staying in the University of Saskatchewan in the residence building.  They will be providing breakfast for the next morning.

The route kilometers for both trips are as shown:

Day 1: Alberta Border near Macklin to Wilkie 102 k

Day 2: Wilkie to Biggar 71 km Day

3: Biggar to Saskatoon 98 km

Day 4: Saskatoon to Wakaw 92 km

Day 5: Wakaw to Tisdale 126 km

Day 6: Tisdale to Hudson Bay 115 km

Day 7: Hudson Bay to Manitoba Border 50 km

Great Annual Saskatchewan Pedal

GASP 2015, From Border to Border!
July 18-25, 2015 (experienced tour)

July 19-25, 2015 (novice tour)
Before the Ride | Planning | En Route | What to Bring | Registering                                 Registration Form                                        

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Welcome to GASP, a Saskatchewan bicycle ride across some of the greatest frontier of North America.  GASP, is a bicycle tour, and definitely not a race.  Along the way you'll have an opportunity to visit many historic sites, many of which recognize significant events, people and geography of our province.

You'll experience Saskatchewan hospitality first hand on this tour.  Following you will find more details on the facilities, the route, and plans of your hosts.  There are also links to the application / registration form and the SCA membership application form. 

                                   Join us...  for the ride of your life.

Is your spouse or friend joining you on the Tour as a support and not riding in the Tour? Contact the SCA for more informantion. There will be nominal fee charged/personal support.
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The 2014 route:

July 19-25
Day 0: (Saturday) - camp in Shellbrook - optional
Day 1: (Sunday) - Shellbrook to Spiritwood; 80 km
Day 2: (Monday) - Spiritwood to Turtleford; 104 km
Day 3: (Tuesday) - Turtleford to Lloydminster; 86 km
Day 4: (Wednesday) - Lloyminster to St. Walburg; 87 km
Day 5: (Thursday) - St Walburg to Meadow Lake; 97 km
Day 6: (Friday) - Meadow Lake to Big River; 126 km
Day 7: (Saturday) - Big River to Shellbrook; 87 km

Due to longer distances, for sections over 100 km, there will be an option for riders to receive a SAG in the van up to the second rest stop (40 KM). Normal support will be provided.

Where in the World is GASP 2014?

Before the ride... 

Registration form must be accompanied by a deposit no later than May 1.)  The remaining balance, based on the option selected by the participant, is due by May 31. If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the tour, applicants will be placed on a waiting list.  If an applicant on the waiting list cannot be accommodated the tour, fees will be returned. 

The SCA may cancel the tour because of insufficient registrations or unforeseen circumstances. Cancellation due to insufficient registrations will occur no later than June 15, and registrants notified immediately thereafter. In the event of cancellation due to other causes (e.g. weather or emergencies), participants will be advised as soon as possible, though we regret the SCA cannot guarantee the notice deadline. In no circumstance is the SCA responsible for additional or consequential costs, such as travel (e.g. airline tickets or cost of driving to the event), time off work, vacation costs, etc

Fees should be paid to Saskatchewan Cycling Association, registration form

Ride Options


7 day ride


2 day ride option includes one night camping. Note - you must provide your own transportation to get to the start point and at the end of your tour


The deposit of $50 is required by May 1, with payment in full by June 1. Your deposit is refundable up until May 1, after May 1 the deposit is nonrefundable.
Submit form and payments to:
Saskatchewan Cycling Association (SCA)
2205 Victoria Avenue Regina, SK S4P 0S4

Note: All amounts in Canadian funds.

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Tour Fees include
- 1 or 7 nights accommodations in non-electrical campsites (depending on the option is chosen)
- Daily road snacks
- Assistance from the support vehicle
- Daily baggage transportation

Tour Fees do not include
- SCA membership fees, participants must be SCA members at the time of the tour
- Transportation to and from the start and end of the tour
- Entertainment costs
- Bicycle repair parts
- Park admission fees, if applicable

Be sure a signed application form is submitted for each person wanting to participate in the Tour.  Parents or legal guardians must accompany minors.  Unaccompanied minors will be sent home.  Any minor consuming alcoholic beverages may be charged according to the law and sent home. 

All participants must be members of the Saskatchewan Cycling Association at the time of the tour.  The cost of the SCA membership fee is not included in the costs of the tour. The SCA membership application form and information are available at http://www.saskcycling.ca.

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Planning for the ride... 

GASP is a tour, not a race.  While the trip is carefully planned and supported, every rider is responsible for their own safety and the safety of their fellow riders.  Riders are expected to follow the rules of the road and listen to the suggestions offered by the tour leader, the ride officials and the sag drivers.

To get the most from your experience, you should be in reasonable shape before the ride begins.  Try to get as many kilometers (or miles) in before the start. Training plans published by various cycling sources are often available from local libraries or on the web.  Note for the committee:  I came up with a training program after scouring the library and internet. Two years ago I offered it to club members and had four people who participated.  Would it be valuable to have some basic training advice on the website?

Have your bike inspected and serviced before you arrive.  Major repairs during the tour may only be available at the larger centers where there is a bike shop.

The GASP tour route is chosen as paved roads; however conditions can vary and change.  Bicycles designed for touring are best.  Road racing or triathlon bikes may be suitable for most conditions however riders may not feel comfortable using them on rough pavements or gravel.  Mountain bikes may also be suitable but it is advisable to equip it with touring style tires.  You may be able to accomplish the distances of this tour on hybrid, “comfort” bikes or cruisers but they typically require a lot more pedaling effort and are less efficient. 

 If you are unable to complete the ride, or are only participating in part of the ride, you are responsible for your own transportation back to the starting point of the ride

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En Route…

Daily route maps/marking

Daily route maps will be provided to riders.

During the Tour

You may begin riding each morning at 7:00 A.M.  Luggage must at the designated pickup location prior to 8:30 A.M.  The luggage trailer will be loaded where it was unloaded the day before in the campground. You are responsible for transporting your luggage to and from the luggage trailer. Those not staying in the GASP campground or designated hotel are responsible to make their own arrangements to have their luggage transported to and from the baggage trailer.

Plan to ride at a speed which will enable you to complete the day’s ride before sundown.  If you are still on the road at dusk, the sag wagon will pick you up and take you to your destination.

Sag wagons will carry snacks, water, basic bike repair supplies, lists of emergency contacts and first aid supplies.  If you see the sag wagon and wish them to stop, give the driver the “tap on top of your helmet” signal.  They cannot carry personal gear for all the riders so you should come prepared with a bag attached to the bike (or small back pack) for the gear you will need for the day, which should include your identification, health card and any information medical personnel may need in the event of an emergency.  Large backpacks are not recommended.  Sag wagons will only travel the established route.   If you detour from the established route or leave before the established time, you may not have access to the sag wagon.

The tour will proceed despite poor weather conditions.  Come prepared with rain gear, including booties or plastic bags for your feet, warm gloves, and clothing appropriate for the temperature.  Windy conditions will likely be encountered.  Do not “draft” other riders.

Bike Repairs

We strongly advise that you have your bike inspected and repaired before beginning the trip. Problems do occasionally arise and we will be prepared to assist with minor repairs.  We will have a limited supply of tires, tubes, and cables.  While there is no charge for repairing your bike, you are expected to pay for any needed suppliesPlease do not take any parts from the sag wagons without paying.

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Your Accommodations... 


We have arranged for camping each night in local campgrounds.  Luggage is transported by one of the sag wagons whose primary responsibility is to provide support services to the riders on route. Your luggage will arrive at the end of the day after most riders have completed the route.  Campgrounds will all have water and toilets but some may not have showers.  If that is the case, a shuttle service will be made available to take you to the closest facility.  Do not assume hotel guests would welcome you to use their showers. 

Please camp in the designated areas only and abide by the campground rules.  Please respect the campground’s quiet time which may be as early as 10:00 p.m. 

Food Services

Participants can expect there restaurants and groceries will be available along the tour route.  A list of all available food services will be provided to each rider each day.  Participants will be alerted if food is not available in order that other arrangements can be made, such as catered meals.  Campers are welcome to prepare meals at the campsite provided they can get any needed gear in their allotted baggage space and weight restrictions.

In some towns, a catered supper and/or breakfast may be available.  Where catered meals are provided cyclists will be required to commit prior to the tour for planning purposes. We will keep participants informed of those arrangements. 

Community coolers are available for dairy products and small perishable items (space is limited). The coolers are shared, so you must mark your items with your name. Since coolers are shared, participants must understand items occasionally get mixed up or go astray. Spoiled or outdates items must be removed or will be removed.

Alcohol, beer and wine will not be stored or transported in the sag wagons.

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What to Bring... 

Be sure to bring along enough money to cover your meals and snacks, bicycle repairs, and incidentals, such as souvenirs and telephone calls.  GASP will continue on schedule despite poor weather conditions.  Weather can greatly vary this time of year so be prepared.  You should pack accordingly.  Here are some ideas on what to bring:

Bicycle equipment

While sag wagons will be able to provide some assistance along the way, any major repair will have to wait until a bike shop is in close proximity.  At the very least you should carry:  

Even if you can’t change a flat tire, others will be able to help if you have the supplies.  You should bring a bicycle lock, water bottles or a “Camelback” and a seat cover.  A rear view mirror can be very helpful.  Be sure to remember your helmet as it is a required item.


Duffle bag, tent, ground cloth, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, small pillow or stuff sack, rope, stakes, flashlight.

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Personal Gear

Bring enough socks, underwear, cycling shorts, jerseys or shirts to last for several days.  Although most communities have a Laundromat, they can sometimes be very busy during a tour of this sort.  As well, bring along a good cycling jacket, some long pants or tights for the cold or rainy days and some clothes for off-the-bike wear.  Packing your gear in waterproof bags is always a good idea. 

Be sure to bring any necessary prescriptions and personal needs as well as insect repellent and sunscreen, a towel and toiletry kit.

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First aid

You may wish to carry a small first aid kit on your bike.  A complete first aid kit will be available in each sag wagon. 


Consider bringing a journal and pen, a good book, spare glasses, camera, sunglasses, a hat, watch, ear plugs for noisy campers or rowdy hotel guests, your ID and wallet.  We suggest you label clearly label all luggage and personal belongings with your name and contact information. Cyclists are permitted to use rack packs on their bicycles, and ensure that rain gear is carried on your bicycle for easy access. Not all restaurants and hotel accommodations on the ride route accept all credit cards, so ensure you have an alternative form of payment.

Luggage space is limited in the trailers and the SAG wagons. Please observe the following guidelines when packing for the ride:

No external strapping to bags. Do not use garbage bags or Tupperware containers for packing purposes. Duffle bags are the preferred.

Put your name and address on everything you bring.

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Complete and print the registration form and mail the completed application form and cheque or money order in Canadian funds, :

Saskatchewan Cycling Association
2205 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK

S4P 0S4
or call
Phone: 306-780-9299
Fax: 306-525-4009
e-mail: cycling@accesscomm.ca

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us at the above phone number or address. 

 All refunds must be requested in writing.  Full refunds will be issued if received by the SCA no later than May 31.  Refunds after that date will be subject to a $50.00 fee being withheld.

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