Cycling - August 8-11, 2015

The Western Canada Summer Games are the largest multisport event in Western Canada. They symbolize motivation, dedication, drive, leadership, the search for excellence, and cooperation.

Mountain Bike Cross Country: Road - Time Trial and Road Race

Cyclists must be; Birth: Born in 1995 - 2000 (under 20, and at least 14, as of December 31, 2014)

COMPETITORS: 5 Male 5 Female

o TBA, Head Coach;
o TBA, Manager;
o Cuylar Conly, Mechanic

It is strongly recommended that every rider work with a coach during the winter months and racing season.

SELECTION CRITERIA At the WCSG cycling athletes must compete in a road race, a time trial, and a mountain bike race. There is an additional combined time championship as well; where athletes will compete for the lowest combined time in all events. Therefore an athlete's selection will be based on their proficiency in both Road and MTB events.

The WCSG Team will be comprised of the following:

All age Eligible Athletes must be carry a UCI licence issued by the Saskatchewan Cycling Association. ( Athletes must be a member in good standing with the SCA High Performance Development Program. (

The team will be named by July 15th, 2015.

There are two ways to qualify for the WCSG team.

  1. Quantitative Collection of points at designated qualification races. Three positions on the men’s and women’s team will be awarded to the athletes who earn the most points from all qualification races. 
  2. Qualitative selection according to the democratic opinion of the SCA High Performance Committee and the WCSG Staff.

The details of Quantitative and Qualitative Selection are outlined below.

Quantitative Selection

The Designated qualification races are:

May 16th - 18th ; Bikes On Broadway, Saskatoon

May 24th ; Sask Cup MTB #1, Esterhazy

June 28th ; Sask Cup #3, Buffalo Pound

July 11th-12th ; Saskatchewan Provincial Championships, Regina (

Male athletes should be competing at minimum in Cat 3 on the road, and race results in cat ½ will be weighted more.

Male athletes should be competing at minimum in the 4 lap MTB race, and race results in the 5 lap race should be weighted more. Note: Junior (under 19) athletes are not permitted to race in the 5 lap race.

Female athletes should be competing at minimum in W-cat 4 on the road, and race results in W-cat 3+ will be weighted more.

Female athletes should be competing at minimum in 3 lap MTB race, and race results in 4 lap race weighted more. Note: Junior (under 19) athletes are not permitted to race in the 5 lap race.

Points at designated qualification races will be awarded as follows:

This point schedule is for Men’s Cat 3 road, Men’s MTB 4 lap race, Women’s Cat 4 road, Women’s MTB 3 lap race

Points will be allocated based on absolute placement, including non-age-eligible racers. For example, if placings 1 through 4 are taken by racers over the age of 20, then the points allocated to those positions will not be available to WCSG age-eligible athletes. If the first WCSG eligible athlete finishes in 5th place they will receive 5th place points. If 6th place is a non-eligible athlete, then 6th place points will NOT be awarded. If the next WCSG eligible athlete finishes in 7th place they will receive 7th place points.

Racing in the following categories will be subjected to a 2x multiplier: Men Cat ½ road, Senior Elite Men MTB (5 lap race), Women Cat 3+ road, Senior Elite Women MTB (4 lap race)

If categories 1, 2, and 3 are combined at a qualification race AND 30% or more of racers are in category ½ THEN all racers will compete for points on a 2x multiplier scale. IF < 30% of racers are in category ½ then all racers will compete for points on the standard scale; as outlined below.

All Athletes MUST declare their eligibility at race registration and sign on.

Placing MTB Race Road Race Time Trial Criterium
1 20 20 15 5
2 15 15 10 4
3 10 10 9 3
4 9 9 8 2
5 8 8 7 1
6 7 7 6 0
7 6 6 5 0
8 5 5 4 0
9 4 4 3 0
10 3 3 2 0
11+ 2 2 1 0
DNF** 1 1 1 0

**With Merit.  Including:  Non-continuable crash or mechanical, weather deemed hazardous to ones health) 

Athletes must obtain a minimum of 7 points to be eligible for quantitative qualification.

Tie Breaker

Any final calculation of points which results in a tie will be decided by selecting the athlete with the lowest combined time for all races attended by BOTH athletes: excluding criteriums. If athletes are in different categories with different race distances; the distances will be normalized using average speed.

Qualitative Selection

Two out of 5 spots, and one alternate, will be decided by a majority vote of the High Performance committee and the WCSG staff in both the men’s and women’s team.

All athletes MUST declare their eligibility in writing to the SCA HP committee prior to May 31st.

Athletes who are racing outside the province of Saskatchewan MUST maintain once per week communication with the Saskatchewan provincial coach, so that testimony may be given regarding the athletes progress in training and racing.

The reason for any and all DNF results must be communicated to the provincial coach, so that testimony may be given.

The WCSG staff, including the coach, manager, and mechanic, along with the members of the high performance committee will observe the athletes, to the best of their ability, for 1 year prior to the qualification deadline.

The WCSG staff and HP committee will consider all aspects of the athletes potential to contribute to successful racing at the WCSG. Including, but not limited to:

All athletes must be aware that the WCSG staff can, with a unanimous vote, replace any member of the selected WCSG team, who is unable or under-prepared to race, with the designated alternate; If the alternate will be better prepared to race.



 Open e-mail - if you are age eligible for Western Canada Games - please read below:

To:                                           Athletes who are age-eligible for the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games
From:                                       SCA Provincial Coach

Subject:                                   Western Canada Summer Games Training Team

We’d like to offer you an opportunity to participate in the sport of cycling with a chance to learn new skills and meet new people.

We are currently looking for athletes interested in competing for a spot on the Sask Cycling 2015 Western Canada Summer Games (WCSG) Team. The WCSG will be held in Fort McMurray, Alberta, August 8 – 11, 2015.

The WCSG Team will be comprised of the following:
5 Males – 15 to 20 years of age as of December 31, 2015 (Year of Birth: Born in 1995–2000)
5 Females – 15 to 20 years of age as of December 31, 2015 (Year of Birth: Born in 1995–2000)
1 coach, 1 manager, 1 mechanic

The SCA Provincial Coach will be holding skills camps in December 2013 and February 2014. There will be mountain bike and road camps and races during the riding season, for skills and fitness development.  As part of the SCA’s WCSG training group there will be opportunities to meet and train with other cyclists your own age throughout the province. There will also be opportunities to travel to out of province races.

There will be two different disciplines of cycling at WCS Games: Mountain Bike, and Road Cycling. There will be 3 races at the WCSG, Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, Road Race and Individual Time Trial. You would be expected to participate in all events.

 Don’t have a mountain bike or don’t have a road bike?

No problem, you can start with the bike you do have.
  Step One: If you are interested in finding out more information about the 2015 Summer Games please contact Cuylar Conly at.sapiensfuturus at

Step Two: Participate in the winter skills camps.

 Step Three: Bring those skills to the 2014 spring and summer camps, rides and races.


If you have any questions in the interm while we are looking for our new provincial coach please contact:

Cuylar Conly

sapiensfuturus at