Member Benefits

By joining one of the Saskatchewan Cycling Association's affiliated clubs you are eligible for a number of member benefits as listed on this page.

If you wish to receive the following benefits please join one of the listed Saskatchewan cycling clubs and read the information found below.

General Membership - As a general member of a cycling club you will receive the following:

  • Medical and Dental Insurance while cycling in Canada at SCA and club sanctioned events/races (see below)
  • Membership in the Canadian Cycling Association
  • A subscription to the SCA's Prairie Pedaler newsletter
  • A discount card good at participating bike stores
  • A provincial voice for better cycling
  • Randonneur cyclists have access for funding to Paris-Brest-Paris via the Prairie Randonneurs

Benefits for Licensed Members
High Performance
sector as a direct source of funding:

  • Access to High Performance Development Program (link to HP Dev pages) for U17/ Jr/ Sr cyclists who have completed the SCA Cup Series in Rd or Mtb.
  • Opportunity for cyclists older than 25 years of age, to race/manage at out-of-province race trips on a fully-funded basis (travel and accommodation), when race schedules permit, i.e. where the primary goal of the trip including target athlete performance and coaching development opportunities are not compromised. HP reserves the right to select the most appropriate candidate for the position.
  • Inclusion, and sharing of transportation costs on HP-organized development trips, space permitting.

Development Sector as a direct source of funding:

  • Grass-roots club-funding. Contact your Club President for info.
  • SCA-funded, club-designated out-of-province races @ $50/racer/year (restrictions apply, contact your club president to find out which race has been selected).


    Most cyclists never think about the need for liability insurance. But if you are ever judged to be even partially responsible for a cycling accident involving property damage or personal injury, you could be in serious financial difficulties. Would you drive a car without liability insurance? You are covered as soon as you join one of the SCA's affiliated clubs and pay your SCA membership fee.

    Comprehensive general liability coverage of up to $5,000,000

    Sport Accident Coverage: - Member coverage for accidents in Canada while involved in sanctioned/approved cycling activity. - This is an 'excess' policy, meaning that it covers costs above and beyond what is covered by Canadian Healthcare and any form of private insurance. - There is a schedule of maximum payouts for specified injuries and loss to a maximum of $50,000. No decidable. - $1,000,000 is the aggregate maximum for loss associated with a single accident. (eg. An accident involving a vehicle with multiple occupants). - Eligibility - members must have access to Canadian Healthcare.

    If you require excess medical coverage because you are racing out of country, you should contact the SCA, there is a fee that will be levied based on the amount of days outside the country.

    " Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. must receive notification of your accident within 30 days of it occurring and receive your claim form within 90 days of the accident.
    " Complete attached Sport Accident Claim Form and Physician Statement. If your claim is for dental injury have your dentist complete and submit a Predetermination Form.
    " Forward original forms by mail to Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. At the below address, along with a copy of expense receipts. Also a copy should be sent to Canadian Cycling Association.
    " If you intend to make a claim but have not had out of pocket expenses to date, complete and submit claim form indicating that receipts are to follow.
    " If you have questions regarding submission of forms please contact Paul Holman via email at:

    HOLMAN INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. 3100 Steeles Ave. East, Suite #101, Markham Ontario Canada L3R 8T3 Website: Telephone: 905-886-5630 Toll Free: 1-800-567-1279 Fax: 905-886-5622 E-mail:


Membership Fees

All fees are for one year of membership ending on December 31st of the current year as follows:

  • Single: $30.00
  • Family: $20.00/member
Note: This does not include club membership or race license fees.