A Guide to Riding in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has many cycling opportunities of which some are highlighted on this page.

Please note: if you are cycling/touring through Saskatchewan, contact Tourism Saskatchewan for information: Tourism Sask

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Saskatchewan Mountain Bike Manual and Trail Guide

Saskatchewan Trails:

Road Riding routes:
Saskatoon - Langham - Dalmeny
Moose Jaw Area
added March 18, 2011
Saskatoon - Pike Lake - Vanscoy Route, added Feb 1, 2011

The Manual:

The Saskatchewan Mountain Bike Manual and Trail Guide was written by: Marcus C. Horeak (1996)

The Saskatchewan Cycling Association would like to thank the following for their contributions to this project: Warren Lister, Denise Eberle, Saul Lipton, Sask Environment & Resource Management, Fred, Freddie and Lawrence Vandelinden, Curt Moosehunter, Miles Sepos, Saskatchewan Ski Association, Cory Forrest, Mike Flemming, Guy McInnis, Jon Bath, Big Ed Kinash, Marni and Lorne Sier, George and Daryl in Saskatoon, Gerald Reshetnyk, Joanne Unger, Neil Clarke, Donna Shire, Peter Pazdera, and Shelley Horn.

Updated by Pat Rediger (2001)
Saskatchewan Cycle Touring Guide

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