Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

Background: There are many trails in the coulees and valleys of the Buffalo Pound area. The region blends the scenic beauty of the Qu'Appelle Valley system with the vibrant wetlands of the Nicolle Flats Nature area. Established in 1963, the area was named after evidence suggested that Plains Indians hunted bison in the region. Plains bison were introduced to the park in 1972 and a small herd remains.

The main trail system is located at the Nordic ski trails behind the White Track Ski Resort. In the summer of 2000, Canada Cup #3, a national mountain bike race, was held at this resort (see photo following). Thanks to Colby Large and his crew from Boh's Cycle in Moose Jaw, new trails have been cut in the area. White Track offers single and double track riding through aspen, ash and maple coulees combined with some gradual climbing. Scenic riding is also available along the lakefront and on the many back roads in the park. The Nordic ski trails are well marked and offer "Level of Difficulty" classifications. The trails developed for Canada Cup #3 can be accessed from the Upper Chalet and have higher difficulty than the main trail system. When you enter the park, ask the attendants for a map and ask about the best trail systems that are appropriate for your type of riding.

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park can be very busy in the high-season. During these times, there are scores of activities for people of all ages. The area is excellent for family weekend getaways, and is even better when you can bring your mountain bike.

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate - There is nothing too troubling about the trails at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. Most of the riding is within valleys and coulees, and over grasslands. Riders need not anticipate anything too demanding. One of the more pressing concerns is getting lost. Even though the area is completely mapped and well marked, it is sometimes easy to confuse your directions. Establish landmarks that will help you develop a sense of your location.

Directions: Buffalo Pound Provincial Park is located 27 kilometers northeast of Moose Jaw via Highway 2 and Highway 202, or Highway 301.

update October 2012 - pdf of the trails

update December 2010

This network of mountain biking trails is a favourite place to ride for members of the Offroad Syndicate, South Sask Mountain Bike Club, Moose Jaw Pavers, and other cyclists in the region.  Located just 27 KM northeast of Moose Jaw and situated on the shores of Buffalo Pound Lake in Qu’Appelle Valley; these trails boast scenic views of surrounding valley that makes up Buffalo Pound Provincial Park.These trails have a rich history of hosting some of the highest level of mountain bike racing in the country.On two occasions the Buffalo Pound Trail Network has hosted Canada Cup mountain bike competitions.  It has also hosted numerous provincial and club level competitions and events.  Currently it has been the venue for Saskatchewan’s largest mountain bike event, XC8 for past 6 years.The quality and success of these trails are mainly due to the hard work of local riders and clubs who help maintain these trails for everyone to use. 

 Most of the trail network is located around the former hill complex and cross-country ski trails.  There are double track trails that follow old ski trails at the bottom of the valley; these are at a relatively beginner level of difficulty.The abundance and quality of single-track trails are the main reason why this location is so popular.They follow the natural contours of the valley’s hills and ravines.These provide trails for the beginner to advanced rider.  The single-track trails provide some of Saskatchewan’s more entertaining and challenging downhills and climbs.

Some of the trails to keep an eye out for are Weeping Fee, Roots, Heaven, Jack the Ripper (for the downhill crowd) and Elevator (one challenging climb).   This is a great location for a multi-day biking location as it is located in Buffalo Pound Provincial Park that boasts full service camping, beaches and a general store. The best season for riding at Buffalo Pound is from May to October.