Saskatchewan Cycling Association
2005 Awards were presented at the
2005 Annual General Meeting
held Sept 25, 2005 in Saskatoon


Awards presented:

President’s Award: Darrell Noakes

Outstanding Volunteer in the Recreation Sector: Ron Keall

Outstanding Volunteer in the Road Sector: Mike Powell.

Outstanding Volunteer in the Mountain Bike Sector: Jason Christbason.

Wotton Bowl: Alexandra Wrubleski.

Outstanding Achievement in Mountain Biking: Shawn Bunnin.

Interclub Points Trophy: Northern Bush Rastas mountain bike club.

Ken Wilson plaque: Ken Orr.

Mileage Achievement Award: Chris Christie _ 13,650 km.

Volunteer Service Awards:

Neil Clarke _ 5 years

Velda Back _ 10 years

Brian Fergusson _ 10 years

Backgrounder — Awards

Darrell Noakes, President’s Award.

The President’s Award recognizes outstanding volunteer contribution toward the overall development or progress of the SCA. It may be received by any individual only once in a lifetime. A volunteer’s contribution may include development of a club, sector, committee, athlete, team or other achievement.

Darrell Noakes, a CAN-BIKE National Examiner and touring cyclist, has been on the board or committees for 14 years. His roles have included SCA education coordinator, vice president of recreation and transportation, and president of the Saskatoon Cycling Club. At the national level, he was a member of the Canadian Cycling Association Education Committee.

Ron Keall, Outstanding Volunteer in the Recreation and Transportation Sector.

This award recognizes a member who has achieved an outstanding volunteer contribution in the recreation and transportation sector. An individual may receive this award only once in a lifetime.

Ron Keall, a dedicated touring cyclist who rode solo across North America in 2004, helped organize the 2005 Centennial Tour ride across Saskatchewan and was instrumental in the success of the event. Ron helped establish the Great Saskatchewan Heritage Bicycle Tour. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, the heritage tour became a popular annual three-day ride that highlighted Saskatchewan heritage and culture, as well as one of the most successful events in Saskatchewan.

Mike Powell, Outstanding Volunteer in the Road Sector.

This award recognizes an outstanding contribution in the road racing or track sector. An individual may receive this award only once in a lifetime.

Mike Powell was Venue Leader for the Canada Games Committee and was involved since the original proposal, resulting in a four-year commitment of thousands of volunteer hours. During the week of the Games, Mike worked long arduous hours, always with a smile on his face, helping other volunteers haul and set up fencing, tents, sand bags and other equipment.

Jason Christbason, Outstanding Volunteer in the Mountain Bike Sector.

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in the mountain bike sector. An individual may receive this award only once in a lifetime.

Jason Christbason was Sport Captain for the Canada Games, responsible for the field of play for four cycling events. For the mountain bike event, Jason groomed and marked trail and ensured that the permanent bridge across Wascana Creek was in place. His work at the Canada Games required him to take a vacation from his regular job. The Canada Games was premier event in our province, one we can brag upon for years and which other provinces will be hard pressed to match.

Alexandra Wrubleski, Wotton Bowl.

The Wotton Bowl recognizes outstanding interprovincial or international achievement in road or track.

Alex Wrubleski took second place at the Nationals competition and another second place at the Canada Games criterium race. The last time an SCA cyclist won a medal at Canada Games was in 1989 (a bronze in the team time trial). In addition, Alex took pro women's third place in the Ecology Center Classic at Missoula, Montana.

Shawn Bunnin, Outstanding Achievement in Mountain Biking.

This award recognizes outstanding interprovincial or international achievement in mountain biking.

Shawn Bunnin, had an excellent national performance capping it with the provincial mountain bike championship. In Shawn’s own words: "My race was going very well at the start of the fourth lap. I had worked my way up to be the 7th Espoir and was closing in on 6th position. I had even managed to ‘ride the squirrel’ cleanly so far, and believe me this was no small feat. It was at the top of this descent on the fourth lap that I heard the dreaded sound of air hissing from my tires. I had slashed right through my tubeless tire on of the sharp rocks. My attempts put a tube in were quashed when I couldn't get the tight tubeless bead off the rim, so my only choice was to run the remaining 3 km to the feed zone to receive technical support. I arrived at the feed zone dead last, but at least I knew that I would be above those on the DNF list today. I was able to salvage a few spots on my last laps, but I always wonder what could have been if I had just been a few inches to the right."

Northern Bush Rastas, Interclub Points Trophy.

This trophy is awarded to the club with the highest number of points gained in competition. The points system is designed to encourage inter_club competition and to promote cross_over between road, cyclo_cross and mountain biking.

The Northern Bush Rastas is the largest bike club in Saskatchewan, serving both competitive and recreational mountain bikers in and around the city of Saskatoon.

Ken Orr, Ken Wilson plaque.

This award, named in honour of long-time Saskatoon cyclist and committed volunteer Ken Wilson, recognizes a member who has achieved an outstanding personal result in a timed cycling event. Ken, who passed away in 2003, was an outstanding racer, commissaire and volunteer.

Ken Orr is a Saskatchewan cycling legend, competing successfully in the master athlete category. His results are impressive even when compared to the much younger athletes competing in Saskatchewan.At this year’s World Masters Games in Edmonton, Ken achieved stellar results in mountain bike, road race and track events, including winning a gold medal in mountain bike and time trial, bronze in pursuit and forth place in the road race. He won the category five road race series in Saskatchewan in 2005. Ken participates in Masters competitions across North America and is always supportive of his fellow competitors. Many of them were there because Ken helped raise awareness of the event by personally contacting all the master aged SCA members to let them know about the event. Ken takes the time to promote the sport he loves to those around him as well as competing.

Chris Christie, Mileage Achievement Award.

This award recognizes the member with the highest logged distance ridden within the past 12 months. Any road distance ridden is considered for the award, including touring, racing, training, all terrain and commuting, as long as the riding is not for professional (i.e. paid) purposes.

Chris Christie wins the award for having ridden 13,650 km in the past year.

Volunteer Service Awards:

Volunteer service awards recognize long term volunteer service with the SCA. Awards are presented for 5, 10, 15 years of service on the SCA Board of Directors or the SCA Committees.

This year, the SCA recognizes the following members.

Neil Clarke - 5 years.

Velda Back - 10 years.

                                                    Brian Fergusson - 10 years.