Saskatchewan Cycling Association
2006 Awards were presented at the
2006 Annual General Meeting
held Sept 24, 2006 in Prince Albert


Awards presented:

Presidentís Award: Jason Christbason

Outstanding Volunteer in the Recreation Sector: Bob Cochran

Outstanding Volunteer in the Mountain Bike Sector: Cory Zetterstrom

Wotton Bowl: Alexandra Wrubleski.

Outstanding Achievement in Mountain Biking: Andrew Thomas.

Interclub Points Trophy: Northern Bush Rastas mountain bike club.

Ken Wilson plaque: Alex Wrubleski.

Mileage Achievement Award: Frank Matus - 15,136 km.

Volunteer Service Awards:

Shannon Hood - 5 years

Darrell Noakes - 15 years

Background ó Awards

Jason Christbason, Presidentís Award.

The Presidentís Award recognizes outstanding volunteer contribution toward the overall development or progress of the SCA. It may be received by any individual only once in a lifetime. A volunteerís contribution may include development of a club, sector, committee, athlete, team or other achievement.

Jason has been the president of the Regina Cycle Club for the past 3 year. In that time he has built this club from around 40 members to well over 100 members. His energy and commitment to all types of cycling has had a profound impact on the Regina cycling scene. He has been a major force in promoting and advocating cycling at the local and provincial level. Jason is an active racer and a wicked fast time trialist.


Bob Cochran, Outstanding Volunteer in the Recreation and Transportation Sector.

This award recognizes a member who has achieved an outstanding volunteer contribution in the recreation and transportation sector. An individual may receive this award only once in a lifetime.

Bob Cochran has been instrumental in organizing and supporting many initiatives of the SCA over the years, particularly the GASP rides and other long distance events. He is also interested in local bike transportation and commuting and attends civic meetings. He has served on the Sask Cycling Board of Directors in different capacities for the past 8 years, most notably (and currently) as the Vice President of Recreation and Transportation.

Cory Zetterstrom, Outstanding Volunteer in the Mountain Bike Sector.

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in the mountain bike sector. An individual may receive this award only once in a lifetime.

Cory Zetterstrom races at the Elite level of Mountain Biking and still finds the time to volunteer as a coach, assist in organizing not one, but two, mountain bike races, is a ride leader for not one, but two clubs and has even sat on the NBR executive and has been the Dirt Series Coordinator. All this and he attends school full-time and works full time during the summer months. Cory is a very talented young man with many hobbies and interests. He could merely race and not help out at the organization level, but instead, we are so fortunate that he gives us so much of his time. This year he was instrumental in the resurrection of the Blackstrap mountain bike course that was used for the Rasta Rumble Provincial Mountain Bike Provincials.

Alexandra Wrubleski, Wotton Bowl.

The Wotton Bowl recognizes outstanding interprovincial or international achievement in road or track.

Alexandra Wrubleski has won the Wotton Bowl for several reasons: her recent results at Nationals, Tour de Toona, Tour of Gastown and Tour de White Rock. Alex is our current ITT and Road Race National Champion and has compete at the Elite Women's road Race and ITT World championships. Alex won all 3 stages and the omnium at the Tour de White Rock, was second to Gina Grain at the Tour of Gastown crit and was the top Canadian at the Tour de Toona. Alex has demonstrated that dedication and hard work pay off.

Andrew Thomas, Outstanding Achievement in Mountain Biking.

This award recognizes outstanding interprovincial or international achievement in mountain biking.

Andrew Thomas has proven himself with some outstanding results this season. These results include: 7th place finish at Canada Cup XC #3 (Hardwood Hills), 4th place finish at Canada Cup #4 (Whistler) and a 7th place finish at Nationals (Sun Peaks). All of these finishes are within 93% of the winner's time. Andrew is making his mark on the national scene and with his continued dedication and hard work will continue to perform well at the national level.

Northern Bush Rastas, Interclub Points Trophy.

This trophy is awarded to the club with the highest number of points gained in competition. The points system is designed to encourage inter_club competition and to promote cross- over between road, cyclo- cross and mountain biking.

The Northern Bush Rastas is the largest bike club in Saskatchewan, serving both competitive and recreational mountain bikers in and around the city of Saskatoon.

Alex Wrubleski, Ken Wilson plaque.

This award, named in honour of long-time Saskatoon cyclist and committed volunteer Ken Wilson, recognizes a member who has achieved an outstanding personal result in a timed cycling event. Ken, who passed away in 2003, was an outstanding racer, commissaire and volunteer.

Alexandra Wrubleski had many excellent results in times events this year, most notably was the road race at Nationals. During this race, Alex was a member of a 5 person break away and attacked on the hill to gain a margin that the chasers would not close. Alex won the women's road race National Title as an espoir in a field with many experienced pro cyclists.

Frank Matus, Mileage Achievement Award.

This award recognizes the member with the highest logged distance ridden within the past 12 months. Any road distance ridden is considered for the award, including touring, racing, training, all terrain and commuting, as long as the riding is not for professional (i.e. paid) purposes.

Frank Matus wins the award for having ridden 15,136 km in the past year.

Volunteer Service Awards:

Volunteer service awards recognize long term volunteer service with the SCA. Awards are presented for 5, 10, 15 years of service on the SCA Board of Directors or the SCA Committees.

This year, the SCA recognizes the following members.

Shannon Hood - 5 years.

Darrell Noakes - 15 years.