Saskatchewan Cycling Association
2007 Awards were presented at the
2007 Annual General Meeting
held Sept 23, 2007 in Regina


Awards presented:


Outstanding Volunteer in the Recreation Sector: Ray Wight
• Outstanding Volunteer in the Road Sector: Dana Mumu
• Outstanding Volunteer in the Mountain Bike Sector: Jay Van Ginneken
• President's Award: Sean Kukura
• Wotton Bowl: Alexandra Wrubleski
• Outstanding Achievement in Mountain Biking: Andrew Thomas
• Inter Club Points Trophy: Northern Bush Rastas
• Ken Wilson plaque - Andrea Bunnin
• Mileage Achievement Award - Frank Matus 16,388 kilometers
• 5 year plaques: Wayne Walker & Susan Clarke

Background — Awards

Sean Kukura, President’s Award.

The President’s Award recognizes outstanding volunteer contribution toward the overall development or progress of the SCA. It may be received by any individual only once in a lifetime. A volunteer’s contribution may include development of a club, sector, committee, athlete, team or other achievement.

As Head Coach for the 2007 WCSG Sean recruited the Games coaching team and oversaw the WCSG program including athlete recruitment, training camps, and training programs. Sean is also a valuable member of the HP Committee serving as Director Elite Program, and was appreciated by the athletes as Coach at Road Nationals in Quebec.


Ray Wight, Outstanding Volunteer in the Recreation and Transportation Sector.

This award recognizes a member who has achieved an outstanding volunteer contribution in the recreation and transportation sector. The same member cannot win this award in consecutive years.

Ray is one of the founding members of the Horizon 100 cycling club of Saskatoon. Started in the early 90''s with a few fellow cyclists has now grown to be the largest cycling club in Saskatchewan at over 185 members strong. Ray has been involved in the running of the club over the years and presently presides as the President. Through his direction and support the club has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. Originally offering 50 and 100-kilometer rides each week for fitness minded cyclists. The Club now offers three groups of cyclists, an entry-level group for those just starting out, a fitness level group for those that are interested in a faster pace and a very fast group for those that like to race. Ray has supported fellow members in growing the club to meet the needs of all its riders. One example is the Thursday night training sessions that a fellow club member started to help any rider increase their speed and be able to say with the group they cycle with. Ray has also supported a Lady''s night only, which runs on Monday nights. This takes the women from the basics of cycling to being able to ride in a club ride. He has also supported the learn to ride Boot Camp that all new members must attend before they ride with the Horizon Club. Ray felt that with the growth of our club that safety was a concern and he helped implemented the Boot Camp. Riders are trained to ride in pairs in a straight line, how to peal off the front of the group safely and peal off to the back. How to maintain an even consistent speed in the group, how to avoid many accident citations they may encounter during a ride, and the riders are trained how to keep their bikes upright if by chance they rub wheels with the bike in front. Ray has taken on the responsibility over the past few years of riding in the entry level group and not only guiding, training and developing new cyclist for the club, but has made sure that any cyclist that is not strong enough to stay in the entry level group doesn't get dropped and arrives home safely.

Dana Muma, Outstanding Volunteer in the Road Sector Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize the outstanding volunteer contribution in the Road Racing/Track/Cyclo-Cross sector. The same member cannot win this award in consecutive years. .

Dana has done an incredible job organizing the Bikes on Broadway for the last two years. She's been able to increase the quality of the race through her professionalism and dedication to producing a superior race. Her organizational abilities have been a huge benefit to Cycledelia and the SCA members.

Jay Van Ginneken, Outstanding Volunteer in the Mountain Bike Sector.

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in the mountain bike sector. The same member cannot win this award in consecutive years.

Jay has been involved with the Offroad Syndicate club for 5 years and the last three he has been the president of the club. In this short time he has personally spent many hours tirelessly searching for sponsors for the club. Every year he has managed to pick up some new sponsor whether it is for prizes, services or funds to run the clubs events. Jay has also managed to come up with ways to promote our club and it has paid off in our member numbers. Our Wednesday night races have been gaining in size for the last three years; in fact this year there were some Wednesdays that there were 55 members out for a Wednesday race. The buzz is great around Regina and the Offroad Syndicate club. He has envisioned new events for our club and they have been successful. The XC8 race is an 8-hour endurance race and it has grown steadily for the last two years and this year it is still growing. There were 71 racers last year and right now there is at least 30 people pre-registered with still 3 weeks to go. Jay has headed up this race and it has been a fan favourite. He always is finding new ways to market it and the all the club events. Jay has also spearheaded the ORS learn to ride series that started this year. It was a small success, there were 7 kids that partook in it but it was a perfect number as it is a learning process and more kids would have made it harder to run this first year. The program is a go for next year. Jay deserves this award because he is always thinking of ways to get people involved in this sport, no matter if they race or not. Jay also is always out doing trail maintenance with the club and is a great organizer for club events. He finds a way to get it done! No matter how big or small. Jay has also made lists and operating procedures for all the events the club hosts. This has made it a simple job and nothing gets missed. It is a job that probably no-one will ever know was done but it has a big effect on everything the club does. One word to simplify what Jay has done is ""Organization"". Everything runs smoothly and is well organized.

Alexandra Wrubleski, Wotton Bowl.

The Wotton Bowl recognizes outstanding interprovincial or international achievement in road or track.

Alex continues to have really good results on the international scene riding for her U.S.-based team, Colavita-Sutter Home. We have seen her on the podium a number of times. For example: Nature Valley race- 3rd GC, 1st KOM and 2nd Best young rider. Joe Martin Stage race-stage 3 -1st and lots of other top 10 race finishes and GC placings.

Andrew Thomas, Outstanding Achievement in Mountain Biking.

This award recognizes outstanding interprovincial or international achievement in mountain biking.

Andrew's results have been excellent this year and he has really stepped up to the plate for the Espoir/Elite level. Andrew raced 3 CC's as a 1st year U23 with results as follows: 1. Bromont (22nd of 83 Elite competitors within 86% of 1st place Max Plaxton/8th U23) 2. Tremblant (21st of 79 Elite competitors within 90% of 1st place DerekZandstra/ 7th U23) 3. Canmore ( 20th of 44 Elite 4. Nationals (10th place U23, completed last 1 1/2 laps after a fall causing separated ribs). Very tough kid. Very technical course. Very big heart.

Northern Bush Rastas, Interclub Points Trophy.

This trophy is awarded to the club with the highest number of points gained in competition. The points system is designed to encourage inter_club competition and to promote cross- over between road, cyclo- cross and mountain biking.

The Northern Bush Rastas is the largest bike club in Saskatchewan, serving both competitive and recreational mountain bikers in and around the city of Saskatoon.

Andrea Bunnin, Ken Wilson plaque.

This award, named in honour of long-time Saskatoon cyclist and committed volunteer Ken Wilson, recognizes a member who has achieved an outstanding personal result in a timed cycling event. Ken, who passed away in 2003, was an outstanding racer, commissaire and volunteer.

Andrea is nominated for her performance at the 2007 WCSG. She came back from a road injury that included an ambulance trip to the hospital and suspected concussion to win a Gold medal in the MTB competition and a gold medal in the overall GC.

Frank Matus, Mileage Achievement Award.

This award recognizes the member with the highest logged distance ridden within the past 12 months. Any road distance ridden is considered for the award, including touring, racing, training, all terrain and commuting, as long as the riding is not for professional (i.e. paid) purposes.

Frank Matus wins the award for having ridden 16,388 km in the past year.

Volunteer Service Awards:

Volunteer service awards recognize long term volunteer service with the SCA. Awards are presented for 5, 10, 15 years of service on the SCA Board of Directors or the SCA Committees.

This year, the SCA recognizes the following members. - 5 years.

Wayne Walker and Susan Clarke